Account Manager:

An Account Manager is a person, within the business, who is responsible for the management of the sales, relationship and rapport with particular clients. Behind the scenes, the Account Manager will liaise heavily with various departments to deliver on the client’s project objectives.


AllySTAGE is a light, extremely strong and versatile staging product. The stage platforms are easily connected via a system of bolts and planted plates and are supplied with handrails, rolling risers and lids (stage tops) in different materials to achieve a variety of effects. AllySTAGE is perfect for catwalks, band risers, DJ platforms, seating platforms, tables and bars.


AV is a shortened term for audio-visual. It refers to the works with both a sound and visual component.

AllySTAGE Shapes:

The ‘second generation’ of the AllySTAGE staging system includes a full range of circular and triangular pieces. The shapes allow for no limitations in the creation of event staging.

Black and White Organza Showtime Drapes:

More shine and sparkle than chiffon with a hint of metallic; the organza with satin back lining brings depth to the classic white and black drape. The contrast of the reflective black with the brilliant white is aesthetically pleasing and can be used for a number of different events and styles.

Brass bollards:

Brass bollards are the attractive way of managing the flow of people at events. Brass bollards come with red braided ropes in varying lengths. Before hiring, the bollards are polished to perfection. The red ropes are standard; however, sleeves can be created for the ropes in a variety of colours and fabrics to add a personalised touch to your event.


CAD stands for computer-aided design. It is software that allows users to create 2D and 3D drawings for events, exhibition stands, staging and all other event elements.


Catwalks make a statement. There are plenty of options to choose from, for example: straight white catwalks, underwater runways, a catwalk that descends from the ceiling, elaborate designs and a variety of colour choices, in a custom shape or the simplicity of the standard shape.

Chiffon Drapes:

Chiffon drapes are very versatile. They respond extremely well to lighting effects, allowing you to completely change the colour and tone of a set or room with the flick of a switch.


CNC stands for computerised numerical control. The CNC machine, known for its enormous speed, delivers a high level of precision and accuracy over large volumes. It is compatible with numerous materials such as plywood, acrylic, MDF, Polystyrene and ALU panels, it can produce intricate fret work, fit outs, display cabinets, curved walls, templates for fabrication purposes and 3D shapes.

Crystal Curtains:

Crystal beaded curtains add a touch of sophistication to any event with their unique light reflection. These delicate curtains are generally available in straight or circular formations.

The dimensions:

  • Straight crystal curtains: 1 m wide x 6 m drop.
  • Circular crystal curtains: 0.4 m diameter x 2.6 m high 0.4 m diameter x 4 m high.

The circular crystal curtains (chandeliers) come with a rigging bracket that allows you to attach a centrally located downlight and rig off scaffolding or truss.

Cycs (also known as Cycloramas):

Cycloramas (filled gauze or cotton) are seamless white fabric used to create an illusion of an infinite background. With light projected on to them, cycloramas visually, ‘eliminate’ borders and edges and make for an impressive stage effect. They are great for projecting an image or logo on to and add enormous depth to a stage. They are available in various sizes, from 6.2 m wide x 3.2 m high through to 51.m wide x 9.1 m high.


Drapes are materials, brought together (and/or custom-made to suit any event) that can be used a number of ways, offering various effects. They can be used as theatrical curtains, wall draping, ceiling draping, table draping and decoration. Fire retardant to the highest standards, drapes not only look good, they are also very safe. Drapes are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and textures.


Easels are a quick, effective and mobile way of displaying welcome signs, awards, art, charts, products and seating arrangements etc. They generally come in brass, timber and aluminium; however, they can also be custom-made.

Event Manager:

An Event Manager is the person who plans and executes an event. Involved in all aspects of the event, they are responsible for translating a vision into reality whilst maintaining the brand goals and reputation of the client. An Event Manager is an expert in the creative, technical and logistical elements needed to bring an event to life.

Event Producer:

An Event Producer is the person responsible for the overall coordination of an event. From its initial concept to the complete management of all staff and vendors, the Event Producer is the person accountable for all elements.

Exhibition and Tradeshow Stands:

Exhibitions and tradeshows are a great chance to connect with clients and sell your product to a targeted audience. Having the right tradeshow stand is vital to your success; it is the perfect visual representation of your company and what you offer. A custom stand allows you to create an environment consistent with your marketing and communications objectives.


Lightweight aluminium flagpoles provide a good way to display a corporate logo, banner or flag. They have a high-quality gold finish and are easy to transport.


Flats or ‘temporary walls’ are highly versatile and commonly used for building sets, exhibitions stands and creating event areas. Flats have a myriad of uses and can be customised to suit any theme or size. They can be single-sided or double and covered in fabric, paint, digital prints, framed images – or whatever your theme requires.

Gas Burners:

Gas burners are fantastic for creating dramatic entrance features – indoor and out. Gas burners are rented in kits. Each kit includes: a black and white marbled square plinth (this can be custom-finished to suit your event), a gas bottle, regulator and hose (which fits inside the plinth), a silver wok-shaped dish, a burner, and a hand-held torch to light the burner.


GloBAR is made from steel and Perspex and is internally lit. The curved and straight modules are versatile in their configuration, facilitating easy and quick assembly.. GloBAR provides limitless branding opportunities, with printed transparencies easily added (and removed) to promote an event or company.

Gold and Silver Sequin Showtime Drapes:

They reflect light beautifully and make a eye-catching addition to any party or event. They hang with 50% fullness and work wonderfully with a range of themes.

Hydraulic Lifter:

Hydraulic lifters allow people or products to rise up from a stage. They are a dramatic staging effect and work with ease and in relative silence. Our lifters fit into most standard stage sizes and can be draped with a wide variety of skirts; black is the most common. A speciality staging effect, the hydraulic lifter never fails to impress.

Interactive Displays / Special Exhibits:

Interactive displays are a powerful and experiential way to sell a new idea, product or service. There are plenty of opportunities for your audiences to interact with your brand in a safe and memorable way. For example, teach your audience about energy by getting them to ride a bike to create electricity, or learn about the effect of different fuels in your car by getting them to ‘fill up’ your new vehicles. The opportunities are endless with interactive displays and special exhibits.

Kabuki Reveals:

The kabuki reveal is used to drop a drape from a flying bar with dramatic effect, either on stage or off stage. This type of reveal drops on cue, and silently due to powerful electromagnets. Ideal for unveiling a choir or group of performers on stage.

Lamé Showtime Drapes:

Lamé is a striking metallic fabric offering brilliant accents and highlights, and is particularly effective on stage. Mostly found in silver and gold, but many other colours can be achieved with the use of coloured lights.

Paint Finishes:

These are the final visual effects applied to various surface components created for your event. These finishing touches can include low sheen, matt, gloss, anti-slip, metallic, speed lacquer and two-pack.

Plaque Reveals:

Plaque reveals involve a hidden plaque being unveiled to an audience. They can be used when you want to unveil plaques already in place on a wall. Or, a wall can be built from flats to act as a temporary backdrop with a reveal attached.


Plinths are extremely flexible and are available in various sizes, colours and shapes. Plinths can be used on exhibition stands, at presentations, product launches, on stages and sets. To achieve your desired effect plinths can be custom-made in the required colour, and painted to incorporate corporate brand livery.

Pneumatic Staging:

Speciality staging allows for extremely safe stage movements on a wide variety of surfaces with the use of pneumatic/inflatable tyres. The pneumatic stages can be put together in various configurations and are designed to take standard stage lids/tops, with any custom finish. Pneumatic stages are designed specifically for sporting fixtures and are approved by the SCG Trust and all other outdoor sporting arenas.


Props are the visual tools used to communicate your brand and bring a unique element to any event. They are perfect for experiential marketing, tradeshows, and promotions in shopping centres and sporting events. They can be created with ease using a CNC machine and following specific CAD design.


A reveal is the theatrical way to unveil a person, product or performance.

Revolving Stages:

Revolving stages are exactly that, a stage that revolves. They are great for showcasing a product or entertainer and are commonly used in product launches, television and theatre shows. Revolves come in a variety of sizes and can be customised to suit, painted or clad in a wide range of materials.


The rigger is responsible for the hoisting of lights, speakers and other materials to the ceiling of an event space. They are generally found backstage on the likes of ropes, booms, lifts and hoists for a stage production – including, but not limited to theatre, live concerts, conventions, and tradeshows.

Satin Showtime Drapes:

Satin drapes are just that, drapes made out of satin. They create a striking presence in any environment by catching the light and emitting bright highlights. Versatile and luxurious, they come in a variety of colours, however, white allows a simplicity that can be transformed with coloured lighting.

Scenic Art:

Where scenic artists paint a unique image or replicate a scene onto a dance floor, backdrop or wall of flats.


Scrims are made from a material called sharkstooth, and are a commonly used piece of stagecraft, in theatre and by event producers. With unique capabilities, when lit correctly from the front, a scrim appears opaque and when the front light is turned off, objects featured behind the scrim are lit, and the fabric appears transparent. So, the stage looks completely empty and then suddenly, the scene behind the scrim gradually appears into view.

Sound Designer:

A Sound Designer is someone who practices the art of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. It traditionally involves the manipulation of previously composed or recorded audio, such as music and sound effects. The Sound Designer can also compose or manipulate audio to create a particular effect or mood.

Sound Engineer:

A Sound Engineer is responsible for the sound aspect at live shows, events, conferences, speeches etc. For example, at live concerts, the Sound Engineer is often the person behind the big sound desk (aka the mixing desk). If you hear a band member ask “can you turn down my guitar a little bit” or something similar, he is talking to the Sound Engineer.

Star Drape:

Star drapes have dozens of tiny bulbs scattered over black wool. They are rented as a kit with a transformer which allows them to be plugged into a normal power supply. They provide the effect of a romantic night sky or showbiz backdrop.

Tab Track:

Tab track is a sliding curtain on a theatrical scale, also known as curtain track. Available in a variety of fabrics and lengths the tab track can be used to create a multitude of reveal effects.


Is a drape support system that has aluminium uprights supported by a steel base and horizontal piping. Telescopics are used to hang drapes to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily. This system is cost-effective and commonly used at weddings, fashion shows, concerts, in the theatre and on-set for television programs and movies.


Trusses are triangular designed structures that offer enormous stability. They can be used as ground arched structures, offering both support and rigging to hang a drape.

Vegas, the Austrian Showtime Drapes:

Vegas, the Austrian is a stunning silver drape. It consists of a collection of soft scallops that appear to cascade down – commonly known as the Austrian effect. The Vegas responds fantastically to lighting, allowing it to be transformed into different colours.

Velvet Drapes:

Velvet drapes have a versatility to suit any event style. They fall beautifully, reflect light softly and emit a delicate shimmer on or off stage. When a variety of colours are hung together they produce a rich and striking effect. They also hang really well with other fabrics such as chiffon or lamé for a contrasting look.

Wool Drapes:

Wool drapes absorb light much more than velvet, so they are an excellent choice for blacking out areas when staging an event or dividing a room. The drapes offer a stylish, classic look.

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