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Case Study: Coca Cola Summer Tour


Maverick Marketing for Coca Cola

Services provided:



Coke Summer Tour


Gold Coast, Cronulla Beach, St Kilda Beach, Perth Cricket Ground and Wet n Wild Sydney

The brief:

Maverick Marketing engaged SRC to provide a ground-up design and build of a Coca-Cola Cooler. A human-sized esky in the form of a Coke Cooler provided a one-of-a-kind experience for individuals to battle the summer heat across the country.

How it was brought to life:

SRC drew up Maverick Marketing’s concept esky using CAD and then created electronic renders so they could see first-hand how the finished product would look. The entire project was completely custom built.

Once the designs were approved, the construction team recreated the esky measuring 4 metres wide x 6 metres deep x 3 metres high. Made of an aluminium frame and cladded with Alu panel to make it waterproof, the esky had a white melamine floor and aluminium and acrylic sliding doors.

As the esky was to be moved to multiple locations across Australia, it had to be strong and flexible enough to withstand the pressures of being transported. For example, the sliding doors, normally made of glass, were modified to acrylic to avoid breakage.

The lid of the esky was made of aluminium and covered with timber, painted and waterproofed. It also included a handle for ease of movement and relocation.

The exterior of the esky was wrapped in graphics and the interior was fully air conditioned and wired to provide power to run TVs and internal lighting.

The finished product was a hub where consumers could escape the heat and join the Coke brand ambassadors for a free drink.

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