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Case Study: Mercedes Benz Precious Metal Roadshow


George P Johnson for Mercedes-Benz

Services provided:



Mercedes-Benz Precious Metal Roadshow


Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

The brief:

George P Johnson appointed SRC to convert a shipping container into a luxury reception area that would also double as a storage and transport carrier for the Dome.

How it was brought to life:

SRC sourced the shipping container shell. Forty feet in length, the construction team cut two 20 foot sections in opposing sides. One side folded down to become the floor that led into the Dome, and the opposite side became the ‘verandah’ for the entry into the reception area.

Designing and constructing the complete fit out of the shipping container, SRC laid in a timber floor, installed a reception counter, a false black laminate ceiling with lights and custom-built bi-fold doors at the entry of the container.

While the Dome wasn’t made by the SRC team, they were required to put it together in its entirety, including all staging, signage and props, at each roadshow location, as well as pack it down and transport it to the next destination.

Taking approximately 16 hours to bump in and bump out at every destination, SRC also provided:

  • Four acrylic underlit stages located within the Dome to showcase the latest Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Two signs that were located on the top and at the front of the container

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