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Milwaukee – New Product Symposium 2018



Services provided:

Full production management, custom-built exhibition stands, staging, seating platforms, drapes, third party resource management


Milwaukee – New Product Symposium 2018


Footscray, VIC

The brief:

The SRC Victorian Branch team transformed 1,000m² of raw warehouse space into the annual Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2018.

How it was brought to life:

SRC worked alongside Milwaukee to deliver the entire #NPS2018 project including full production and set build, to sourcing power generators and toilets. Rod Sultana, our Victorian Branch Manager, worked in-house at the Milwaukee Head Office one day per week in the three months leading up to the event to ensure a seamless production.

A Warm Welcome

Over the week, 700 attendees were welcomed by a 16 x 4m Milwaukee embossed red carpet and a custom pallet bar plumbed with beer kegs set against a rustic backdrop. This bar will be reused at the Milwaukee Head Office after the event.

The dining area featured 220sqm of synthetic turf, custom 44-gallon drum branded bar tables with acrylic tops, festoon lighting and truss rigs, with an impressive 35m of full wall decals to tell the 94-year-old story of Milwaukee.

A plenary area was built from the ground up

A plenary area was sectioned off using 80m of 6-8m high black velvet drapes; video presentations were displayed using projection mapping provided by Treacle and projection was provided by TDC.

AllySTAGE was used to create tiered seating to host 170 people per session, ensuring unobstructed views for the whole audience. The seating platform measured 16.8m x 7.2m and reached 1100mm high from ground level. The choice of no fascia created the desired raw industrial look.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition space was divided into 4 areas to demonstrate construction, electrical utilities, heated gear and plumbing – each telling their own story.

Construction – a section of a house with a kitchen and deck area was built using timber wall decals. Saw blades displays were created for demonstrations. A small wall was built with besser blocks for demonstration of dust extraction.

Electrical utilities – SRC built a section of underground trench, showing exposed electrical fittings and plumbing, using acrylic housing 3m x 3m, pipes through the centre with a mini digger. The trench went through a pit into backdrop signage which featured a 2.4m x 11m digital print wall decal.

Heated gear – Eight manikins displaying the new Milwaukee heated jackets were lit up by custom built light boxes. High output lighting, demonstration lighting on scaffolding and custom 3D polystyrene letter signage delivered a visually strong impact.

Plumbing – this area featured signage wall decals, product demo boards, custom steel benches and plinths to display tools and various products.

Something for the Petrol Heads

A mock race car pit was created and featured a V8 SUPERCAR. 60sqm black vinyl flooring framed the space and a section of a ute tray was sourced from the wreckers and used to demonstrate Milwaukee’s ute and van storage systems.

A Milwaukee Store

To create a Milwaukee store experience, the SRC team custom-built a serving bench with an aluminium checker plate top and LED underlighting. Display plinths were used to launch the new Milwaukee products and Dijon oak laminate flooring was finished off with powder coated black ramp edging.

This mocked-up store is now used in the Milwaukee’s Head Office innovation centre.

What our client thought:

“I wanted to officially thank you for what has been our best and most successful event yet. Obviously we have all learnt a lot from our passed events however this was just a seamless exercise, which ultimately blew our customers away.”

– Tom Mathiesen
National Business Manager – Brand

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