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Case Study: 2013 NRL Grand Final


The Spark

Services provided:



Telstra NRL Grand Final


ANZ Stadium

The brief:

SRC was approached by The Spark to provide and construct a tiered stage, bigger and more complex than anything the team had ever done before, for the 2013 NRL Grand Final. The stage, envisaged as the centrepiece for the pre-match entertainment, had all layout and overarching requirements designed by Tony Assness – an acclaimed designer and creative director for live events in Australia.

How it was brought to life:

The unique stage construction was built, dismantled and removed from the field within just 12 minutes, so the pinnacle match of the NRL season could get underway in a timely manner. Assembling a team of 30 men to achieve this tight deadline – the team practised the build and pack down consistently for one week leading up to the Grand Final.

Standing 16.8 metres long by 14.4 metres deep, the stage was segmented into three levelled tiers; each tier was 1.3 metres higher than the last.

The SRC team built custom frames that formed the perimeter of the fascia of each level of the stage, incorporating a collection of LED tiles provided by partner TDC. Not just a simple layout, the LED tiles were a key feature, each covered in layers of acrylic to form a star shaped projection.

The stage was a functional component of headline performances from Jessica Mauboy and Ricky Martin. A hydraulic lifter was stationed in the middle of the stage to lift the performers to the stage in a choreographed motion. In addition, it featured CO² jets strapped to the framework under the stage, allowing CO² streams to blast up through the stage providing the illusion of a smoke stream.

To ensure no damage was incurred to the meticulously prepared turf, numerous pneumatic wheels were installed and the stage was transported in a kit segmented into eight sections.
The stage represented a number of firsts, in particular, the SRC team had never built a rolling stage that high, the previous record was only half that height.

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