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George P Johnson UK

Services provided:

Custom built stage, set and props


SIBOS 2018


International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney

The brief:

When the world’s premier financial services event SIBOS was secured at ICC Sydney, organisers George P Johnson UK brought SRC onboard to build exceptional stage and set pieces and props for the Plenary, Conference Rooms, Hubs, walkways, a Global Payment Initiative area, TV studio and voting station. As the event celebrated its 40th anniversary, the world’s eyes would be on all aspects of the 7,500-person four-day event, so the standard had to be premium.

How it was brought to life:

The jewel in the crown for SIBOS’s staging was absolutely the plenary set. Held in the Darling Harbour Theatre, SRC provided a stylish high-shine black gloss floor for the stage, built a custom stage extension with shark’s tooth fascia, and a pixel-controlled LED strip along the edge of the stage.

Designed to work hand in hand with the projection, the stage provided an exceptional backdrop to the conference proceedings.

Other highlights included:

Six Conference Rooms: Seamless white walls featuring digitally printed SIBOS logos and LED screen supports provided stage backdrops. The stages were then framed by custom built light arches made from aluminium and opal acrylic with internal LED strip lighting.

A Swift Hub Auditorium and a Swift Hub Institute each featured a custom triangular stage with black carpet top. LED strips were used along the front edge of the stage and to frame a pyramid behind the stage. SRC also built quiz tables for the Auditorium.

A Swift Hub Forum featured custom black gloss with acrylic backing slats with black timber frame and LED strip lighting. Custom gloss white tables with in-built power outlets were provided for delegates and a custom mirrored reception desk with LED strip lighting and signage greeted guests.

In the Swift Hub Theatre SRC created seamless flats with signage, black trims and LED strip lighting. Delegates sat on custom seating boxes made of pre-laminated board.

A mirrored café bar was created with veneered timber top and seamless white wall behind.A Demo Lab was made from a custom steel frame with acrylic dichroic film over an LED strip.

A ping-pong ball voting station was created, as well as an onsite TV studio.

Video walls, reception desks, bars, signage, a credenza and bar totems were also custom built.

What our Client thought:

“Now the dust has settled I want to say thank you for your work. I know it was a struggle getting there but you were proactive with ideas all along which was all that was needed.

Onsite the quality of the work was spot on and all thought the sets looked great.

So, thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you.”

– Andy Clarke, Production Manager, George P Johnson UK

“SRC Team…

It looked really sharp. I have to congratulate you on a job well executed. Thank you.

I know you had plenty of people pulling you in plenty of directions on this one. I’m sure others will have plenty to say about other areas but I just wanted to thank you personally for the effort and attention to detail shown in Keynote.

It looked really sexy and when I saw people taking selfies in front of it, I knew we’d delivered something quite special”

– Henry Davey, Production Manager, George P Johnson UK

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