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Case Study: Sydney Opera House’s 40th Birthday


George P Johnson

Services provided:



Opera House 40th Birthday


Sydney Opera House

The brief:

SRC was contracted to construct a 4-metre high cupcake, based on a render and concept drawing provided by client George P Johnson, to feature at the Sydney Opera House’s 40th birthday celebration.

How it was brought to life:

From the render provided, SRC developed the construction drawings and started to bring the cupcake to life by creating its shape using a CNC machine.

Once the shape was finalised, a number of materials were used to create the cupcake in its entirety. From the base, through to the icing, decorations and candle, this custom creation needed to be built in large sections to make it easily transportable and simple to install at the venue.

The following was involved in the creation of this celebratory prop:

  • The top of the cupcake was cut out of Styrofoam and broken into two sections. It was painted in-house and ‘decorated’ with cut up pool noodles to make the sprinkles
  • The base was made out of plywood and measured 3 metres wide. It was broken down into four sections. Once completed, the outside had a candy striped theme digitally printed onto it
  • The candle was made out of PVC pipe, that also doubled as a ‘lock’ to secure all the sections together
  • The candle flame was made out of two pieces of orange and yellow acrylic that criss-crossed over each other
  • SRC also strategically concealed holes in the top of the cupcake to cater to pyrotechnic requirements

Once the construction of the cupcake was complete, the finished product was transported to the venue and installed atop a 3.6 metre wide x 1-metre high circular stage, which showcased the cupcake at a higher level, as the focal point of the event.

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