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Toyota National Dealer Meeting 2018


George P Johnson

Services provided:

Custom build, staging and props


Toyota National Dealer Meeting 2018


Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

The brief:

Each year Toyota hosts its annual Toyota National Dealer Meeting (TNDM), an important business event designed to excite and inspire Toyota sales representatives. George P Johnson organised the 2018 four-day event to unveil the New Toyota Corolla, Supra and iROAD and engaged SRC to build and supply stages, tiered seating and facilitate product reveals.

How it was brought to life:

The highlight of the 2018 event was the dynamic presentation stage set. The 30m long stage featured an embedded 6m revolve with Toyota branded decals. The multi-speed multi-directional revolve was encircled by a DMX controlled RGB LED strip that was expertly installed onsite by the talented SRC team.

The wings of the stage were equally impressive: 3m tall faceted origami flats, with LED strip lighting along the ridge. The stage left flats were created with the ability to separate on cue and reveal the new Toyota Supra to the audience.

To transform the room for the Gala Dinner, SRC elevated the stage and removed the wings, allowing for the dining area and dancing which took place on a 6m x 9.6m dancefloor built by SRC.

30 custom made 4.6m matte black flats were placed around the room to keep the focus on the stage. The flats upstage left and right were scribed to allow LX skeptrons to be mounted on them.

In the Salon, SRC created three vehicle platforms made of pristine white melamine with aluminium ramp edge. A 3m wide circular clad white melamine stage with 200mm high white fascia displayed the new iROAD. 60m of black velvet drapes were used to conceal the new cars until they were ceremoniously unveiled. Gold bollards with red rope added to the sense of occasion.

Other highlights included:

Two outdoor presentation stages for the welcome night, with 5-tiered viewing platforms at various heights.

SRC supplied two carpeted grand stands seating 400 people in the 20m x 80m outdoor marquee for a business session.

The Front of House control desk featured 6m high black velvet drapes as did the three off-stage walls of the room.

SRC also built stages for the Corolla test drive area, provided themed flats to airlock the bathrooms and created custom flats to surround a 4 x 6m LED wall.

What our client thought:

As a result of the success of the 2018 event, SRC are in full swing producing the Toyota National Dealer Conference for 2019.

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