Telescopics & Trusses

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Telescopics are used to hang drapes to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily. This system is very cost-effective and is commonly used for weddings, fashion shows, concerts, in the theatre and on-set television programs and movies.

We carry both silver and black telescopics. Black telescopics are highly effective when used behind a sheer drape and on a black background, as they become less obvious.

We stock the following telescopics:

  • 1m to 2.4m high
  • 2.4m to 6m high


A truss is a triangular designed structure that offers enormous stability. It can be used as ground arched structure, offering both support and rigging to hang a drape or it can be ‘flown’. This allows for the creation of a beam from which to tie drapes.

  • Telescopic
  • Telescopic in situ
    Telescopic in situ
  • Truss