Cycloramas & Scrims

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Our cycloramas (filled gauze or cotton) are seamless white fabrics used primarily for creating the illusion of an infinite background.

With light projected on to them, cycloramas visually, ‘eliminate’ borders and edges and make for an impressive staging effect. They are great for projecting an image or logo on to and provide enormous depth to a stage.


  • 6.2 m wide x 3.2 m high
  • 5.1 m wide x 9.1 m high


Scrims are made from a material called sharkstooth, and are a commonly used piece of stagecraft, in theatre and by event producers. Due to its unique capabilities, when lit correctly from the front, a scrim appears opaque; when the front light is turned off, objects featured behind the scrim are lit, and the fabric appears transparent. From the audiences perspective it appears as if the stage is completely empty and then suddenly, the scene behind the scrim gradually appears into view.

  • Cyc
  • White Scrim
    White Scrim
  • Black Scrim
    Black Scrim
  • Sharks Tooth Scrim
    Sharks Tooth Scrim