Revolving Stages

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We have a large range of revolving stages. Our revolves start at one metre in diameter and range right up to ten metres in diameter. The lid (stage top) of the revolve is matt black, but can be easily custom-painted or clad in a wide choice of materials.All revolves larger than 1.2 metres in diameter have a variable speed and direction control for excellent versatility and impact.

Revolving stages are ideal for showcasing jewellery, a car, a performing pianist, a cabaret stage act, or a large life-sized prop and are commonly used in product launches, television and theatre shows. We can also sink a revolve into a stage to create a dramatic and memorable effect.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to determine your specific revolve surround and stage plug options.

Available sizes include:

  • 1m – 1.5m diameter
  • 2.3m diameter
  • 4m diameter
  • 6m diameter
  • 10m diameter

Check out SRC’s 6m revolve in action here!

  • 1m diameter REVOLVE
    1m diameter REVOLVE
  • 1m diameter REVOLVE Extension to 1.5m
    1m diameter REVOLVE Extension to 1.5m