To all our friends and colleagues in the events industry

We are in the final countdown now to closing our Sydney warehouse and services. It has been 30 amazing years of ups and downs. We’ve worked on thousands of events, with hundreds of talented people in every venue in Sydney and we’ve loved it. We’ve loved the thrill of getting it all done before doors open, and seeing everything from corporate events, fashion parades, product launches, exhibitions, private events, theatre productions and even the opera come to life.

We know the entire industry is hurting badly right now with the impacts of COVID-19.
We survived two global recessions, the downturn after the 2000 Olympics, 9/11 and the GFC, and this is right up there with the worst of times for the events community.
The industry has always pulled through. We have had to adapt, innovate and inspire each time we’ve been faced with these challenges and as a group of professionals, we’ve always risen to the occasion. This time we hope, it will be no different.

Now is a good time to ring your competitor and ask them how they are, work out how you can save resources and work on solutions together. Now is the time to ask your team about their ideas, solutions and innovations. Now is the time to look out for each other.

We’ll be working hard in Melbourne to stay in business and will be available to support our wonderful clients when things get back to normal.

A sincere and huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Sydney business, especially our many staff, band of casuals and contractors. Thank you to our clients over all these years – we’ve loved bringing your ideas to life.

David and I are still here to help, support and keep this industry alive and kicking, please reach out for a chat.

All the best,
Meri Took.